Feeling lots of gratitude today for my loved ones. I hope you all are too. Happy Thanksgiving❤️

@TheEllenShow Happy Thanksgiving to you & Portia! Grateful for the friendship that we have had over the years through your talkshow! So grateful for the opportunity that I got to have been apart of a taping last year & you saying hi Brittany when you came out onto your stage! So grateful🇨🇦

@TheEllenShow Happy Thanksgiving❤️ from @HelloTopLists Watch these movies on this Thanksgiving Day. hellotoplists.com/top-10-best-ac…

@TheEllenShow Happy Thanksgiving to you too sweet Ellen! I pray that you and Portia have a wonderful day! Miss you so much it hurts. Please come back to TV. I watched every episode. It's what made me laugh & smile. God bless you! Sending you much love! ❤❤🤗🤗😘😘🦃🦃 #HappyThanksgiving

@TheEllenShow I didn't get to celebrate Thanksgiving but I'm grateful for life. I and my twin sister who are both sickle cell warriors with complications have been in pain. Please help us celebrate Christmas, support us please. fundclock.com/campaign/9/hel…

@TheEllenShow I live in the HK and have tried watching so many American talk shows but after a couple of episodes they become very boring. Too much drama. Yours is the first show I have truly enjoyed.

@TheEllenShow Happy Thanksgiving! Sure miss watching you every day!

@TheEllenShow Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved one's. 💞