Hey @lyft wanna explain to me what your driver keeps taking his mask off during my drive!? I am immunocompromised and disabled I use your service because I have no choice… let’s not to forget the 4 accidents I’ve almost been in with this ride I deserve to feel safe! #disabled

@TheVeganWaifu Hey there! We're sorry to hear this was your experience, and we would like to take a look into this for you. Please DM us the email address, phone number, and full name you have registered on your Lyft account so we can better assist you. twitter.com/messages/compo…

@AskLyft @TheVeganWaifu Lyft doesn’t care about safety. They care about getting paid I’m #disabled because I drove for Lyft. #profitoverpeople

@TheVeganWaifu @lyft Yeah lyft is pretty bad. I had several awful experiences with them. I think they only responded like once out of 4-5 in the past few months. I dont use Uber cause they are worse.