The villain. / The real villainÔÇŽ

@TsieThandokuhle @SennorReds Janis was the real actual villain who used Katie to get her 8th grade revenge on Regina

@BeautyTee_93 @SennorReds But she fell for it tho­čśş And Janis literally was over the whole Taking Regina down but Cady was still pushing it.

@TsieThandokuhle @SennorReds This makes sense b/c at least Regina George was honest and she got hit by a bus.

@TsieThandokuhle @SennorReds Switch cadys picture with janis and then yeah, you'll be right

@TsieThandokuhle @SennorReds Oh hell na IÔÇÖll admit Katie was damn sure not perfect but Regina George was the damn devil