the timeline is in retrograde

@Twitter how do you have a timeline with 0 following i am confusion

@imOKcozImJK went from having one to not having one. retrograde

@Twitter how do you always reply to me😭🥺, i was one on the following list btw, had a good time mate :)

@Twitter @imOKcozImJK Tell @WhatsApp not use this plateform to notice updates through your app. It has our phone numbers.

@Twitter @imOKcozImJK You must be in Gatorade since you unfollowed me lol

@Twitter @imOKcozImJK Zero following? No wonder you may fail to understand me. I use #Twitter as my primary news aggregator. This is why I keep begging for permission to do more following. Yes, I freely admit to being an information junkie.…

@Twitter @imOKcozImJK You can add me, high class people also welcome..