the bar is low, 2021

@Twitter @rayofwanda & what you'responsible for with our accounts; not merely the lock out of most [twitter made impossible to sign in & haven't changed the email option/no way to update the email in this new protocol that "twitter" has been apart of for years now]

@Twitter @rayofwanda of what you are apart of & whom being of your affiliations is undenialtive with publication/broadcast; to anyone they wouldn't believe. You have the most out in the open messages of the falsality/immaturity. & of no preference to how it appears to others.

@Twitter @rayofwanda & as Solarinity would've messaged, "We have been here for more years than the calculations of time. & of a society & media industry that doesn't choose to live in neither reality nor as individuals. Currency is more supported than benevolenity."

@Twitter @rayofwanda "As not all would accept, for it is a deepereason that persons are motivated than what is open pay offs & whom that settle more for exterior than the infinity of beings, universes, worlds & so much more."

@Twitter @rayofwanda No. It's a SHIT plan. Improve your business model.