Ooooooo my iPhone 13 Pro is being delivered via UPS! This is a first! I like it! UPS usually gets here faster than FedEx!

@GregoryMcFadden Nope. You know I do a livestream every iPhone Delivery morning lol

@trentstech Hopefully more for you since I know you're baking on it haha

@Vyyyper Mine is coming via UPS, too. Tracking popped up in my UPS app overnight. Sweet 🥰

@dazzlingreene I have never got the UPS app to work for me lol

@Vyyyper I have never had an iPhone delivered by FedEx but for me it’s the opposite. FedEx always delivers early and UPS is always late. I’m talking between 6-7PM late.

@Vyyyper Always a relief when it's UPS delivering anything! 🙏

@AnalieNYC lol I guess you are not a fan of FedEx 🤣🤣