@StingleyPlsWin If Caleb is better just rock with Mills one more year?

@StingleyPlsWin Brooooo we areeee so asssssss lol You have 2 studs next year you can get in Williams & Maye...we would get one of em

@AlbinoOlajuwon2 Maye isn’t better than stroud or young

@StingleyPlsWin Yes he fucking is lol

@AlbinoOlajuwon2 @StingleyPlsWin No he isn’t. You’re severely underestimating how good Young is.

@oduslu17 @AlbinoOlajuwon2 @StingleyPlsWin Drake Maye has worse talent on his WR Core as Bryce young, but has 10+ more TD’s and 4 less INT. Drake is elevating what’s around far better than Bryce and that’s not to say Bryce isn’t a good QB.

@BrayTheTexanFan @AlbinoOlajuwon2 @StingleyPlsWin It’s mostly irrelevant too because plenty of great college QBs aren’t even pro prospects. Young’s game translates to the pros. We need to see more than a season of Maye. Sam Howell was getting the same hype two years ago and they went to the same school.

@oduslu17 @AlbinoOlajuwon2 @StingleyPlsWin Howell and Maye are nothing alike Maye is more like a Herbert and is a lot more polished of a QB than Howell with less turnover’s than Howell.

@BrayTheTexanFan @AlbinoOlajuwon2 @StingleyPlsWin This was in May 2021. Howell had 7 INTs in his freshman and sophomore year Maye has 4 with three games left.

@oduslu17 @AlbinoOlajuwon2 @StingleyPlsWin Yeah and Howell had good talent around him like Dazz Newsome, Miachel Carter, Dyami Brown, Javonte Williams Maye is doing it without the talent