Tim Allen To Headline ‘The Santa Clause’ Sequel Series For Disney+ From ‘Last Man Standing’ Team deadline.com/2022/01/tim-al…

@DEADLINE Oh my gosh! Tim Allen has a career still?

@DivineBloodBook @DEADLINE Liberals when they realize that the world is bigger than twitter

@icpdTV @DivineBloodBook @DEADLINE I mean...you could just go to IMDB and see that he hasn't really done much recently apart from Last Man Standing instead of making it political.

@kidofseph @icpdTV @DivineBloodBook @DEADLINE Or to his website to see that he currently is on a 20+ performance tour this year, in addition to exec producing and appearing in "Assembly Required" and the new "Santa Clause" series. Besides that, he hasn't done much. 🤣🤣🤣

@Weeping4W @icpdTV @DivineBloodBook @DEADLINE 11 IMDB credits in the last 10 years, that's not doing a lot outside of his TV show.

@kidofseph @icpdTV @DivineBloodBook @DEADLINE What else would you like him to do? You have no idea the time commitment to both perform and exec produce a television show, do you?

@Weeping4W @icpdTV @DivineBloodBook @DEADLINE Topic is the volume of work in his acting career, idc how much time he has. Amount of rec activities I do has lessened due to time constraints. Doesn't change the fact that I still do less, and people would be surprised to see me return to some of them.

@kidofseph @icpdTV @DivineBloodBook @DEADLINE As I said, you have no idea what kind of time he puts into his work. He's not just an actor.

@Weeping4W @icpdTV @DivineBloodBook @DEADLINE But that's what we're talking about. His acting career. I'm not looking for people to make excuses for him, just acknowledgement of facts.

@kidofseph @icpdTV @DivineBloodBook @DEADLINE "you could just go to IMDB and see that he hasn't really done much recently" You said nothing about just his acting career. And IMDB agrees with me. Tim Allen is not just an actor. Just acknowledging the facts.