Today's the day! If you're in: 🚜 Kansas 🦀 Maine* 🌟 Minnesota* 💡 New Jersey 🏛️ Virginia 🗻 West Virginia Your voter registration deadline is TODAY, October 12. Visit to check your status, or get yourself registered.

@WhenWeAllVote @selenagomez 👍🖤🥰😍😘💋💖💘💕👸🤴👩‍❤️‍👨👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🖤👌

@WhenWeAllVote @selenagomez Maine is lobster 🦞 while Maryland is crabs 🦀 I vote clam chowder and a drive in

@WhenWeAllVote @selenagomez Virginia is for lovers ❤️ a bit of help but get the Star of the North reference and not so bad.

@WhenWeAllVote @HollandTaylor 🦞Maine* - doesn’t let you register online - you can print out a form or request that one be mailed to you and 🦞Maine offers alternate in-person voter registration deadlines

@C__Allen @WhenWeAllVote @HollandTaylor Maine also has same day voter registration and “no excuse” absentee voting.