@WilliamShatner I’m a longtime fan of your work but I just need to know…. How do you look so amazing at 90! Just watched you on @FOXLA. Drop the secrets please 😁🙏🏽 #WilliamShatner #AgeAintNuthinButANumber

You bathe in the blood of the trolls you have slain. 😝🤣 twitter.com/PorschaColeman…

@WilliamShatner Was literally discussing this just last week! "There's no way Shatner is NINETY years old." But alas, here you are, looking great & still entertaining us all. Cheers to you!

@sangugli @WilliamShatner Te bañas en la sangre de los acosadores que has masacrado...

@WilliamShatner Possibly the most epic and multi-layered straight forward tweet on the Internet. We don't always agree but DAMN... that needs to go on a plaque somewhere.

@WilliamShatner He’s my star crush too - ever since I was a teenager- humhum and he’s still my crush 🥰 some 40 years later

@WilliamShatner The best, most satisfying revenge is to continue having a productive successful life in spite of all the hateful, demented, and deranged things trolls say/post.👍 🤨