Gamers can now stream their favorite @Xbox console game directly through the Xbox app on Windows 10 PCs (or later)! Learn more here:…

@XboxWire @videogamedeals @Xbox I've been using the super outdated Xbox Console Companion for remote play, which likes to crash and lag, so yay for progress.

@XboxWire @Xbox Please bring the app, the iPad version, to the Mac App Store!

@XboxWire @videogamedeals @Xbox Curious to see if XB app can plug into OBS to stream without console nearby-

@XboxWire @Xbox Nice and OK... Now the question is when XCloud supports Mouse and Keyboard???

@brettbirddotnet @XboxWire @videogamedeals @Xbox I cam stream my Xbox from my work pc...what do you need obs for?

@XboxWire @XboxAmbassadors @Xbox Now one for older smart tv’s. Or make a HDMI stick with ethernet and wifi 6. PYD Stick

@GodofArda @XboxWire @Xbox @XboxGamePass ADD KEYBOARD and MOUSE support to be good!

@HugoTutein @XboxWire @XboxAmbassadors @Xbox Both are confirmed to be in development.

@NephimelTV @XboxWire @videogamedeals @Xbox I've never once had it crash on me and I used it pretty much daily

@Jaremy_P @XboxWire @Xbox Or just got to then add it to your Home Screen