throwback to when this song was stuck in everyone's head 💃🏾💃🏻💃🏿💃🏾💃🏼 @ItsJustNife shows you the moves →…

@YouTube @ItsJustNife Sir My Friend's Channel Was Hacked By Pakistani Person please Help me to get my friend's Channel

@YouTube @ItsJustNife Dear YouTube, Why my watch time Reduced. Both Screen Shot Take Today 1st one in Morning and 2nd Just Now. Please Help Me YouTube I am Facing this problem last 3-4th time I lost my 200 watch hours Please YouTube Solve This Problem 😭🙏 @YouTube @YouTubeCreators @YouTubeIndia

@TechTechnical26 (1/2) If you're referring to your watch time in your Monetization tab, note that it's a rolling number of your channel's data for the last 12 months.

@YouTube @ItsJustNife Hi, I realise the need for adverts but why does it seem tailored andconfined to shysters who are touting get rich schemes, who have few traceable company accounts. Having xemophobe Nigel Farage at the start of soul music and funk tunes is offensive.

@AyushKh22484970 It would be best to let your friend know that they can reach out to us (@TeamYouTube) directly so that we can help look into their issue. Hope to hear from them soon.

@YouTube @ItsJustNife Dear YouTube team My channel has completed 700 subscriber. But the community tab is not enable yet. As per your updated 500 subscriber channel will get the community tab after 12 October. Plzz enable my community tab as soon as possible.