(*NEW Video*) I Tried Japan's Most INSANE Noodle Challenge Let's kick off 2022 with @CDawgVA as we ruin our bodies by stuffing ourselves with 200 bowls of noodles. At this rate, we'll have to re-brand the series to Chris & Connor's Cholesterol Weekend. 🍿youtu.be/AIjVEHF4A2M

@AbroadInJapan how can you fit that many bowls in one thumbnail? 😳🍜

@YouTube @AbroadInJapan Instead of joking bring back the dislike button

@YouTube @AbroadInJapan Hey YouTube mind you responding to some tickets by YouTube creators being on the receiving end of the unfair copyright system? Like JSC criminal psychology, for example. Kind regards

@YouTube @AbroadInJapan Damn youtube commenting on that is a massive flex

@YouTube @AbroadInJapan how can you fit that many failures in one service?

@nofendrayuser @YouTube @AbroadInJapan they actually ate that many; conner ate over 100 bowls and chris ate 85

@cybik @YouTube @AbroadInJapan how do we know that, they removed the dislike button