workout videos > gym membership

@YouTube Yeppers. Although i guess you can use them at the gym for those that really want to spend the money 😉

@StayFitAnywhere that's the beauty of workout videos you can do them wherever! including the gym 🥰

@YouTube @StayFitAnywhere hey youtube my channel is going to be 1 year but till now my channel has not grown please help me my channel link

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@YouTube @StayFitAnywhere The beauty of YouTube was that your could watch any kind of content you wanted uncensored. Now YouTube thinks it’s appropriate to have ads and mobile game ads that explicitly show sexual acts (yes these ads go to everyone including children) but YouTubers can’t cuss… hypocrisy

@YouTube Hey youtube I am gonna be blunt stop trying to make youtube kid friendly. You all ready have youtube kids meaning that you dont have to make youtube family freindly please stop weakening your platform