here’s to all the creators & trends celebrating Black culture and creativity this year and beyond!! #BHM

@YouTube The black community are a huge part of YouTube, glad their being recognized

@YouTube Support black Fighting Game Professionals 👊🏽💪🏽 @PunkDaGod

@YouTube Well, my account (black-owned) was shadow banned recently, without explanation. Can you help a brother out? Why was my account banned? I didn't have any content on it. I was only told I may have violated the guidelines. How? I can't speak to a human or get an explanation. Odd

@YouTube Why do you only acknowledge black creators during BHM?

@blueballedsport @YouTube Oml idk who in charge what they doin, when it comes to the banning nd all.. alot of folk I’m seein online should be banned when they banning for no reason.. idk