I wanna do a YouTube to video on where I talk to you guys about how to handle fake friends, or whatever! What do you want a video on?

@skaijackson i can see it now - skai jackson: life coach ✨

@YouTube Yesss it’s what the people need!!

@YouTube @skaijackson YouTube hello thank you for being here are u posing asnotthe real YouTube over I drawed a Earthquake then on telivison it said Google employee died at Naples iceclimbing but it was the earthquake I drawedsame location codes the thing was but then CNN news next day Zain Ashersaid

@YouTube @skaijackson @YouTube @skaijackson okay me nskai Jackson are in relationship together she is my I'm makin her my queen okay but let me exsplain

@YouTube @skaijackson Why does it show up so old then new at same time that's goofy to me

@YouTube @skaijackson YouTube are u the real YouTube or a cyber terror attack of your posing as YouTube answer me just be honesy are u real or not

@YouTube @skaijackson YouTube areu the real YouTube something kicked me out my acount to tryto put fake videos of me into it to wreck my ranks ofim Always the greatest on YouTube would you Alow me to takethe fake videos me of me offit wasnt even me it tried toposeasme but tried to beas ugly as could

@YouTube @skaijackson YouTube I'm in sexual relations with skai Jackson thoe YouTube kicked Me out my acounts or sumthing from somewhere elsethen it put poor quality fake performances of me to pose as me but trashyto see that way thoer tryingto make it I'm stuck in a torture chamber fornotgetingitoff

@YouTube @skaijackson YouTube ive sent u so mamy mesages about I went to a apartment then fake videos strated posing as meIn aYouTube to try to make me feel tortured from it was tryna be mebut so gly at performing as me I don't wantfakevideos of me on YouTube why r u ignoring Me about those so yruhere

@YouTube @skaijackson Your not going to be makin fake videos of me and my girlfriend on YouTube why r u here at her if u was diedgoogleemployee ice climbing in Naples it was on tv then why are fake videos being put ofme to make me fall fromrank I don't want thelat attack hapenig to me or my wife skai

@YouTube @skaijackson Skai they tried to hide this fight from my phone that's not cool for it to be so old n just showing up so late