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@YouTubeCreators @YouTube I’m still trying to get one of my shorts to crack 10K views 😭

@YouTubeCreators @YouTube Haha nows my time to shine except I need 200 more subs :(

@SNPMedia_ veryyy interesting 👀 definitely worth checking out there's a lot of opportunity here!

@ADOOMYPRINCESS today's the daaaaay! 🎉 can't wait to see all your Shorts!

@Toadandbros if one thing's for sure it's that you're on your way there! ❤️ and it will be that much more worth it when you do 😌

@YouTubeCreators Yay! I'm going to try my best. Shorts seem to be the best thing working for me atm.

@LeeVonTheVibe is it the one at 6.5K? you're soooo close just gave you one more 🫡

@JGamin87 glad to hear they're working well! hope this is a good opportunity for you the hard work will pay off ❤️