@amazon someone hacked into my account and bought an e-gift card. Sent it to themself. I’ve called 4 times and need told fraud would contact me and refund would be processed. Nothing has happened. Do you not take theft seriously?

@nickwilde88 Hello! We take unauthorized activity very seriously. Have you received an e-mail regarding the refund? Please check your spam/junk folder in the event it was routed there. You can also view your Amazon messages here: amzn.to/3HLOS4B. -James

@amazon Not received a thing. Told each call I’ll be contacted within 48 hours and nothing. No email, text, call. Nout. How can I get this sorted!

@nickwilde88 Thanks for the information. Can you tell us if you changed the password to the e-mail address associated with your Amazon account? Have you reported the unauthorized charges to your bank? (1/2)