A ladder carved from a solid tree trunk, 1851. Located in the Palace of the Princes of Liechtenstein in Lednice, Czech Republic. #archaeohistories

@archeohistories This seems nearly impossible since there would be innumerable short grained sections which would be brittle, especially as seasons change. Weight bearing would be challenging too. Very impressive

@JMcasaPA @archeohistories Yeah, the grain needs to go horizontal for steps. I wonder if the craftsman cut out the steps separately but from the same trunk.

@archeohistories So magical I mean look at the carving in the wood and the attention to detail I mean someone would have to see it in person to believe it was in an actual Castel

@archeohistories Absolutely beautiful. Wish I could see this. It is an example of extreme craftsmanship. A work of art of the type we no longer see these days.

@archeohistories @greg_jenner If this is a ladder, I live in a kennel!! Although there are also days that if this a staircase, I still live in a kennel 🤷‍♀️

@archeohistories So, the Princes of Liechtenstein have a palace in Czechia? Interesting, though.