"Hunter. There is no sense hiding your fondness of the hunt. So go, commence once more the dance in the blood-tinged night." -- Happy anniversary, Bloodborne. ♥

Bloodborne is a huge inspiration for me. I hope next year I can create something bespoke for the anniversary ❤️ If you like what you see, prints are available here: redbubble.com/people/chinara/

@artofchinara Incredible, these are so cool, amazing work specially with the colors, that Red tho 👀

@CariocaScorpion Thank you so much! Yeah, the red kind of followed me through my works lately haha 😆

@artofchinara Slaughtering beasts,being tainted in their blood ,high on ecstasy and the thrill of it all only to swiftly be put down by Eileen sounds metal as fuck and im here for it! Put down exactly like the beasts he/she hunts paints such a fantastic image.

@Zee_Worldeater Yesss!!! It's an arc for sure! I love the poetic nature of that turn of the story.

@artofchinara Artwork is amazing but I don't understand why the hero is about to off (or he offed by) Eileen. Is this the alternate route of her deciding you'd gone mad or is it just art and I'm overthinking it?

@TheBlazerfury I would say that Eileen has killed many a hunter, and not all have remained as noble as the hunter we play. 😉

@artofchinara Please tell me this was by design… Absolutely beautiful work by the way.

@EvanMonroe12 You are not the first person asking me this, and I'm sorry to disappoint you 😆 i haven't eben seen cowboy bebop!