If you hate Eren Yeager read the manga, if you still hate him, read it again.

@ayygmkanyestfu Actually it should be like this "If you hate eren yeager go and die"

@ashrafhakim90 @ayygmkanyestfu some actually deserve that...

@EreMikaAru_ @ayygmkanyestfu Just because some people doesn't like your fav character?sad ☠️

@ashrafhakim90 @ayygmkanyestfu maybe yes but also because that character do not deserve hate....

@EreMikaAru_ @ayygmkanyestfu And what you said was justified?lmao and also Eren does deserve it from some fan

@ashrafhakim90 @ayygmkanyestfu I don't really think eren yeager's fans can hate him....that makes no sence!!

@EreMikaAru_ @ayygmkanyestfu Who said it's Eren fan?!☠️