A main theme worthy of the All-Father himself. 🔥 @StephEconomou @UbisoftMusic 👉Stream the full album now: ubi.li/Pxaty #AssassinsCreed

@assassinscreed @StephEconomou @UbisoftMusic This game is long long over and old news. Why are you still promoting this? Time to move on. We need gameplay footage of Mirage.

@assassinscreed @StephEconomou @UbisoftMusic How come there isnt any more Haptic Feedback on Valhalla PS5 anymore. There was when it launched.

@m_gomz9 @assassinscreed @StephEconomou @UbisoftMusic I can still feel the haptic feedback on certain occasions and I last played in December last year but the support felt very diminished, I googled it and apparently, it was more or less removed in an update a few updates after launch in 2020 itself