Afghan people clinging on to planes trying to flee the country after the 20 year US occupation ended was a surreal sight @KFCBarstool @KFCradio

@barstoolsports @KFCBarstool @KFCradio Two decades, trillions spent, countless lives lost, and nothing to show for it. US been catching a plethora of massive Ls since WW2.

@barstoolsports @KFCBarstool @KFCradio 20 years of war, enough is enough. Let the Afghans deal with their own shit instead of fleeing to other countries.

@KyleMyers95 @barstoolsports @KFCBarstool @KFCradio They did have a three war winning streak in the 80s-90s (Grenada, Panama, Gulf War I).

@barstoolsports @KFCBarstool @KFCradio Good lord. The One Minute Man is talking foreign policy? 🤦🏻‍♂️

@Freddiesgato @barstoolsports @KFCBarstool @KFCradio I was looking forward to their coverage of the upcoming dead goat throwing games. Hope this weekend’s matches aren’t impacted by this.

@barstoolsports @KFCBarstool @KFCradio If only they showed that much resolve on the battlefield vs the Taliban...

@CapitalistDank @barstoolsports @KFCBarstool @KFCradio Agree. And it pains me to say it but them falling off the plane may be a better fate than the life that awaits them.