More on Merrilee Fullertons resignation: "Party insiders also characterize Fullerton as a thin-skinned politician who “never really settled into the political job.”"… #onpoli #ODSP

@blue_jay_john (chuckles) and now comes the slightful insults from inside, just in case she speaks out.. "hard to work with" "thin skinned" "never settled into politics" - "didn't tell us why she quit". Really ? or is this just the proactive attempt to deconstruct anything she might say ?

@blue_jay_john She's trying to send us a message. What she thinks that message is? I have no idea. Pouting because the people who she's tasked with overseeing had the audacity to voice their disgust with being legislated into poverty & held there, Autism wait times, Long Term Home deaths.

@blue_jay_john I wouldn't be surprised if she moves on to some sort of medical admin job at one of the private clinics/LTC belonging to Ford's donor buddies. 🤷‍♀️