Hold the f*** up.. Maxx Crosby made 2nd Team All-Pro but Nick Bosa didn’t? Nick Bosa was 4th in sacks, 1st in TFL’s, 3rd in QB hits, all while being double teamed at the highest rate of any DE in the league. What the hell are we doing here?

@medicone26 @Its_Alectricity lol Nick Bosa LITERALLY never did any of that. He tweeted that he thought Black Panther was over hyped which apparently is a hate crime. You should self reflect on yourself and your information sources for even thinking that.

@boardride23 @Its_Alectricity It was widely reported with screen shots his GF posted that. cassiuslife.com/490457/nick-bo… Guilty by association in a ludicrous emotional unintelligent age.

@medicone26 @Its_Alectricity 1) He didn’t tweet it. Original tweet says he tweeted it. 2) She tweeted it 10+ years ago and just met her. You think Bosa is scrolling randoms likes / comments / replies feed 10+ years back? Guilt by association would be if she was actively tweeting that. This is just woke bs.