the ruling class shall suffer for their many crimes but chief among them is this

@borgposting when the cheese goes on the pizza after it comes out of the oven, that's how you know a statistical majority of partygoers have committed warcrimes

@borgposting That brisket is genuinely upsetting. They’re all awful but the others are kind of funny. I feel bad for anyone made to pretend that brisket was good.

if you think the mac & cheese looks alright remind me to never come to your house for dinner

@Morelaak @borgposting i grew up around that “pizza”. regional thing. it’s cold, like, none of it was ever warm outside of the dough which is made of crescent rolls. served refrigerator temp. It’s crescent roll dough cooked into a rectangle, cooled then coated with ranch which holds the cheese/veggies.

the replies 😭 also claiming that the veggie "pizza" is a regional thing does not make it any better. thats not pizza