#FreeBritney movement … I have no words … because of you guys and your constant resilience in freeing me from my conservatorship … my life is now in that direction !!!!! I cried last night for two hours cause my fans are the best and I know it …

I feel your hearts and you feel mine … that much I know is true 💞 !!!!!

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@britneyspears You tried to do right for your family for years but the moment you had a breakdown they took away your freedom. Conservatorship is meant to protect but in your case it meant you were exploited. Hell has a warm place for those who wronged you.

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@britneyspears Trying to start a little #Shibainu college fund for my son. If anyone could spare a little, please do. Here's his Coinbase Shiba address: 0xcB144a88f33CF712a32eC63c4Ba7adbf47461A40 I promise it is for my son who starts college next month. Love you guys!!!

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