Pssss my fiancé got my medicine ... I survived !!!!

@britneyspears Britney, I know you don’t want anybody telling you what to do anymore but you need assistants. People to care for you 24/7. You deserve it, queen. And now if you don’t like them you can fire them on the spot.

@britneyspears Okay but girl you need to get tested for COVID. Also, you need to get checked out. A temp at 104 can cause brain damage.

@britneyspears You need to go on Oprah and tell all. Don’t let them try to rewrite history

@britneyspears He was in FL juggling Randall’s ping pong balls. Nice try Scammy.

@HugoFeige @britneyspears She has one! Idk why it’s so hard for her to get basic medicine

@britneyspears I hope you know how much we all love you and how deeply we have your back

@britneyspears Anyone else out here like me wishing you could be there for her? Not in a creepy way. Just as a true friend. No media bullshit. Just a real ass friend. It's sad that she hasn't been able to trust a lot of friends and family in her life. Idk what I'd do without mine. Head up queen

@SheGivesZeroFox @britneyspears If mental illness is involved, that could skew ability to trust. May have a great team in place, but if one believes something is off, that might cause a person to question or lash out. Those feeding the flames as if they know what is going on is likely harmful.

@Mz908 @britneyspears 104 seems scary and it is but it's not dangerous. I was just told this today by my dr when my temp was almost 106. He told me to alternate 1000mg tylenol and 800mg ibuprofen every 4 hrs to keep it down. Tested positive for covid yesterday after being so careful for 2 yrs:(

@ReaICOCKy @britneyspears So he did not get her the medicine? Oh my Lordy…