@britneyspears Jamie Lynn was the one with the Knife. Why didn’t she mention THIS in her book??????

@britneyspears I think she confused you with herself Brit. Sue her enough with their lies!!

@britneyspears Something about Jamie's body language in the interview was so off to me, there were statements that she was making whilst shaking her head left to right as if it wasn't really true what was saying, also a lot of shifty eye movements

@monicabrit12 @britneyspears JL made up the Britney knife story in hopes of burying her own knife story in the google algorithms. It’s not working! Britney fans still have receipts 🧾!!

@VarletFox @britneyspears He dropped the body language video, so I just wanted to come back and share 🤗. I haven’t watched it yet, but he’s usually on point. youtu.be/c3_ZfTtvnJU

@britneyspears Your sister needs your permission to write about you. Its similar to a model release its called a biographical release. Without it, your estate can confiscate the proceeds of her book (with a court order) and have her cease publishing.

@britneyspears That conservatorship for 13 years was just so they could get their hands on your money. Don’t fight back with them. Live your life, especially the years you missed. Move on without them because they only want drama. Be you! 😁

@JoshuaCuellar @britneyspears Anyone mentioned in that book should have signed a release. Stories should have confirmed before the book was published.