Is Billions better/worse than Succession or is it completely different?

@valhallabckgirl Itโ€™s like entourage for people that think entourage was below them

@valhallabckgirl Fans of the show will not like this response but itโ€™s true. The branding for the first few seasons was identical and advertised as the show to fill the void for entourage

@brockmclaughlin @valhallabckgirl Ooof. Haha. I watched the first couple seasons of Billions after it came out and was like โ€œokay cool.โ€ The I saw Succession and was embarrassed for Billions.

@brockmclaughlin @valhallabckgirl that's the best description i've heard of this show lol it's pretty heavy schlock quality has lessened w the seasons and it's pretty caricaturized. in a weird way it reminds of nip/tuck but not as good and with less dinklage we watch the hell out of it tho so what can ye do