The IMF slashes its US growth forecast as disruptions to supply chains and a resurgent Covid-19 pandemic slow economic momentum around the world

@cnnbrk The US depends far too much on foreign imports. It places the US at the mercy of global economy. @JoeBiden

@cnnbrk Goldman Sachs economists cut Q3 growth forecast for U.S.

@cnnbrk The general public, mostly in the transportation business, must be pleased with themselves by pushing us into a recession when we can least afford one. Get to work! And that goes for you anti-vaccers too. Get vaccinated!

@cnnbrk The researchers took an even heavier hand in slashing medium - term growth forecasts .

@cnnbrk Baby world Sporti news Iran's World Cup soccer team is very nervous before the match against world class Son Heung-min's South Korean national soccer team.

@cnnbrk The South Korean team is so strong that Iran is expected to play bed soccer at home.

@StanislausPach1 @cnnbrk They are working. 24/7. But there are only so many ships, cranes, containers, chassis, rails, warehouses, drivers and workers

@cnnbrk Fortunately, the growing "freight tech" industry is working to resolve these issues and open new opportunities moving forward. #SupplyChain #Freight #Ecommerce

@kkalverta @cnnbrk @JoeBiden 1. Everyone would have to agree things will cost more 2. Employers would need to buy less yachts and pay their employees more. It's that simple and complicated

@cnnbrk Cutting the forecast from 7% to 6% is not"slashing". That's probably close to the margin of error in the forecast.