US task force proposes adults 60 and older should not start taking daily aspirin to prevent heart disease or stroke

@cnnbrk Yes, but for years you said the exact opposite so ….

@cnnbrk It’s called science. It’s forever evolving because more and more testing and research is being done.

@cnnbrk Interesting change after inoculating the entire world with a vaccine that causes rare side effects for blood clots and heart disease.

@TeamDMoore @cnnbrk So like, when something comes out as safe and effective after less than a year of use, u mean down the road we can discover serious complications? Making the choice up to the person to Decide if they want to take that risk or wait for long term evidence?

@cnnbrk Taking daily anything besides food for vitamins, without doctors advice is not wise, at any age. We do not really know what our blood requires without serious medical professionals. Eating healthy is best and then if sick, it will be easier for doctor to diagnose.

@cnnbrk Aspirin always and still prevents heart attacks but it also increases GI bleeds. We know Statins( generic and cheap) provide the same protection, if not better, w/o bleeding and their effects don't appear additive for primary prevention.

@kaptinMD @cnnbrk I tried statins, side affects included muscle cramping and soreness and it stopped as soon as I stopped taking them

@RadarContact13 @cnnbrk I wish you were accurate that the whole world has been vaccinated. I'm over the arguments but please start reading the entire list of side effects of any medicine you use. Btw there is not a surgical consent form in this country that dosen't end with"...up to and including death