The House passes a temporary fix to avoid a default on US debts, pushing the issue into December. Biden is expected to sign the bill.

@cnnbrk Dear Santa, For Christmas this year, we ask for a new debt ceiling with new popcorn texture. Your truly,

@cnnbrk Way to keep putting Band-Aids on the big problem if these two parties could get together to do their f’n job that would be great

@raymon1970 @cnnbrk One party is doing the job, the other party is voting against doing their job after they ran up the bill. They are not the same.

@cnnbrk How Washington is 'fixing' the problems that are facing this nation. #CountryOverParty

@cnnbrk Just in time for misery at the Holidays

@cnnbrk Basically We a Welfare Country Now 🎶It First of Every Twooo Months 🎶

@cnnbrk Wait I thought we did that like last week?

@cnnbrk A lot is going on in Nigeria now, and I think it's important CNN come to Nigeria and expose what's going on. Things are getting difficult day after day and people are dying in hundreds everyday.

@cnnbrk With all this economic bs gold is soon at $3000.

@cnnbrk I'm sure the USA will avoid default as it always has.