OSHA submits vaccine rule to the Office of Management and Budget, bringing the emergency standard that would affect private companies with 100 or more employees a step closer to taking effect cnn.it/3oXzxX6

@cnnbrk This is great... Reject Freedom for Herd Immunity? I Think Its Better Rather Than Denying Vaccine With Freedom Reason (Yeah That's Not Reasonable). Except For Those Who Has Medical Issue, Just Go And Consult To The Doctor.

@cnnbrk This is not reading the room. US companies will shut down at an absolutely critical time for our economy.

@Ardaffaf @cnnbrk Can you please save some of the capital letters for the rest of us? Thanks.

@JE_OSU @cnnbrk I read the room and it is filled with covid patients.

@cnnbrk How long will it take the OMB to review/finalize/approve publish, etc OSHA's vaccine proposal? I hope they get everything done by the weekend and that it doesn't stretch into next week.

@cnnbrk Tie the mandate to EBT and welfare as well. See what side CNN takes

@bballguy1985 @cnnbrk Depends on how fast they want to move. Probably a week or 2. Then once the rule is in effect they will probably give everyone 60 to 90 days before it goes into effect.