The United States plans to ease restrictions on travel for fully vaccinated visitors from Canada and Mexico starting in early November, relaxing bans that have been in place for more than 18 months…

@cnnbrk Pretty sure over 200k unvaccinated people crossed the southern border last month

@cnnbrk Yay. Getting back to normal slowly but surely. Get vaccinated.

@cnnbrk Great news. Canada’s vaccine rates are over 80% (2 doses) for people over 12. I can’t wait to go to Seattle. Unfortunately many Canadians have lost interest in going to the US given the political clusterf#%k going on there. What ever happened to politics of the centre?

@cnnbrk The southern border has been open to unvaccinated illegals this whole time… tens of thousands

@cnnbrk Borders already been Wide Open in Mexico anyways for Imagrents 👳‍♂️

@cnnbrk If they value their life they will continue to stay away, open ports or not! Find someplace else to visit in the meantime, go where commonsense thrives on being vaccinated and wearing a mask in mass gatherings and protecting others by doing the same.

@AlexJPaden @cnnbrk Yeah. Sure, dude. Google "Deporter in Chief." Go see who that was. The border never has been and never will be "open." I live in South Texas....

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