"Star Trek" star William Shatner and three others launch into space on the same rocket Amazon founder Jeff Bezos took this summer. Follow live updates: cnn.it/3j0b7sd

@cnnbrk Why is a billionaire's leisure trip "Breaking News" though? Is it because he could do literally anything else to help people with the money and resources he's burning?

@cnnbrk I'm sorry but space X is where it's at They will be the ones to take us to the moon and Mars and beyond. At least they are not a kid trying to Launch a rocket in the backyard.

@4StringsNoMercy @cnnbrk With all the tax breaks they are getting They don’t know what to do Do they burn up millions $$$ for a 10 minute plane ride

@Cecil93620425 @cnnbrk Absolutely!! After watching both @SpaceX and @blueorigin spaceX is just on a completely different level in every aspect ! 3 days compared to 10min 🤷🏻‍♂️

@cnnbrk See:The smart lie and college cheating (A list of deceptive college practices&argument 4 universal access&student wages in tech/science/et) youtu.be/URjo9bfsIAs ;) EZ search "The Raven" by 2youtext1. C Why the future belongs 2 human infrastructure science technology automation

@cnnbrk UN shame in Ethiopia linked audio, Watch the link youtu.be/HJKvslfV3lU .