"Star Trek" actor William Shatner, 90, boldly goes where no one his age has gone before after a brief space flight cnn.it/3FG1pot

@cnnbrk How do you get to space and back in 10 minutes?!? That’s not really space is it?

@cnnbrk Someone really shoulda worn a costume to greet him after he landed

@cnnbrk Beautiful to hear him talk about his most humbling experience and the vulnerability of our planet. Bezos listening and taking all time needed. Epic words spoken and great to be witnessing this!

@BaldRelevance @cnnbrk YES! Could care less about the rich champagne poppers.

@cnnbrk So the other people paid $250k each. I make $1350 a month so it would take me more than 15 years to make that much. Think of what good they could have done with that money rather than waste it for 11 min in the atmosphere. #TaxTheRich

@cnnbrk Can we get back to IMPORTANT news now??? I know something else has to be happening in the world that actually matters. Tired of seeing money and time wasted on this when poverty, hunger, and homelessness exist at such high levels, smh #ReadtheRoom

@jcladyluv @cnnbrk Oh geez go cry me a river. Can you not enjoy anyone else’s joy if it’s not yours?😱