White House formally rejects Trump's request to shield specific documents from January 6 investigators and sets aggressive timeline for their release cnn.com/2021/10/13/pol…

@cnnbrk …here, look over here away from Afghanistan, the border crisis, etc.

@cnnbrk Who said this ! “ships float & that’s why we have Covid. an an an an In fact here’s the bottom line, cargo no go. Come on man” makes perfect sense.

@cnnbrk Don’t hide anything.. put it all out there for the whole world to see… you make your bed, LIE in it.

@cnnbrk Like it even matters. There has been so much proof of his treachery-nothing ever happens, no consequences. The ppl who need to hear the proof don't hear it & if they did, they'd ignore it. I've become so cynical. I'd welcome the chance to say I was wrong. Please make that happen.

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@cnnbrk Surely such a request is asking Whitehouse to obstruct justice? Or perhaps the law is very different in US?

@kirbalicious4 @cnnbrk We had been in that country for 20 years did anyone ever think it would be a smooth escape? Give me a break