Pakistan International Airlines suspends flights to Afghanistan, citing unworkable conditions imposed by the Taliban

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@cnnbrk Pakistan said there was " heavy - handed " interference by Taliban authorities , including arbitrary rule changes and intimidation of staff.

@cnnbrk The Pakistan International Airlines was the only air carrier that had been operating flights to Kabul regularly after August 31 , when the Western countries left Afghanistan.

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@cnnbrk “Khan said the insurance premium on these flights is "so high" that it is "simply impossible to operate scheduled flights to Kabul, as it is still considered a war zone by aircraft insurance companies."

@cnnbrk The airline used to charge $200 from Kabul to Islamabad, now it charges $2500.

@cnnbrk Unworkable yeah unworkable, a ticket price which was $250 per flight is risen to $2500, on which the taliban said reduce the price to what it was in the previous government

@Myqby @cnnbrk Hazardous route, high insurance for that route/destination.

@cnnbrk Not because unworkable conditions They are lying Because Talibans told airlines that you should not charge extra money 💵 normally Kabul to Islamabad ticket price was 150-200 USD but now they are charging 2000-2500 USD i know people they sold their homes to buy tickets