Police in Norway identify suspect in deadly Kongsberg bow-and-arrow attack as 37-year-old Espen Andersen Bråthen cnn.it/3vbuROk

@cnnbrk Police said the Danish man suspected of the attack is a Muslim convert who was previously flagged as having been radicalized .

@cnnbrk No. Nope. Not dealing with this. I started hunting with a bow in order to reduce how often i use my guns, because of how dangerous the world has become. I’m not letting a bow and arrow narrative get started next

@cnnbrk The Muslim convert also made a chilling Facebook video and was also on a terror watchlist .

@cnnbrk Neighbours of the alleged killer told Aftenpost , Norway's largest newspaper ,they saw him training with weapons in his garden.

@cnnbrk A reminder that a monster in Las Vegas killed over 50 people and wounded more than 500 more in less than 20 min. So spare me "gun controll doesnt work" bullshit.

@biden_landslide @cnnbrk A guy in Nice, France killed 86 and maimed 486 others with a truck.

@Anirudh1969 @cnnbrk There has been plenty of warnings to the police about the man all the way back to 2017. The police will certainly be investigated. the 5 dead were killed after the police first approached him yesterday. It appears to be a police scandal.

@RickyStarfire @cnnbrk Please use guns for hunting my man. Gunshot is a quick an easy death. Bow and arrow leads to more bleeding and suffering. Hunting with a bow and arrow is illegal in many countries, including norway where hunting with guns is encouraged.