Alex Murdaugh, a scandal-plagued ex-South Carolina lawyer, has been taken into custody on two felony counts of obtaining property by false pretenses

@cnnbrk This would have been such a better breaking news story if it was Steve Bannon being taken into custody by US Marshalls.

@cnnbrk Search: The smart lie and college cheating (A list of deceptive college practices&argument 4 universal access&student wages in tech/science/et) Don't like links? EZ Search: "The Raven" by 2youtext1. You have the power to shape a better future. Enough lies

@cnnbrk CNN is a bulley ! They are trying to destroy ethiopia for the few elite billionaire TPLF members! CNN Doesn't have deserve to be a media company, as they are biased and use their influence to control the perception of the world!

@cnnbrk Car shield is a scam. Cars don't break down the way they used to. Car shield uses fear tactics to pressure you into monthly payments. And when it's time to pay for repairs I've heard.... They don't. Its time for CNN to ban their ads.

@cnnbrk 15 Strangest Things Recently Discovered In #Egypt #pharaohs اغرب 15 قصة حدثت للفراعنة

@cnnbrk This is breaking news? Another white guy committing white collar crime for personal gain? Not to mention how he's suspected of murdering his wife and child and faked a murder attempt on his own life and now, claiming to have an opioid addiction to justify all of it? Unbelievable