Gary Paulsen, author of young adult novel 'Hatchet,' dies at age 82

@cnnbrk Ah that’s a bummer I loved that book as a child.

@cnnbrk Man, I remember reading it in 6th grade. It wasn’t a bad book, but one hell of a cheesy movie.

@cnnbrk My 7th grade students are reading this novel right now. RIP, Mr.Paulson🕊

@cnnbrk Met him in 5th grade to get my book signed and he was extremely nice to my dad and I since we rushed in to get a signature super late in the evening. RIP

@cnnbrk One of his lesser-known books, The Monument, always sparked critical discussions about who and how we honor certain individuals and events, but not others. RIP to an author who inspired millions of kids (and teachers) to read.

@cnnbrk Tragedy. One of my favorite reads

@cnnbrk RIP , a good man who inspired many to start reading

@cnnbrk RIP. This guy wrote some great books. One that wasn't as popular, but very good, is The Car:…

@cnnbrk Sad to hear of Gary Paulsen's passing. He was one of the first authors I remember reading and loving as a kid. I just read my kids his short story called "Fred" about a month ago and was telling them how much I loved his stories when I was young.

@cnnbrk He wrote Nightjohn and Sarny - two great books for middle school students.