White House vetting former FDA Commissioner Dr. Rob Califf to once again lead agency cnn.it/3AGCFsG

@cnnbrk Car shield is a scam. Cars don't break down the way they used to. Car shield uses fear tactics to pressure you into monthly payments. And when it's time to pay for repairs I've heard.... They don't. Its time for CNN to ban their ads.

@cnnbrk 15 Strangest Things Recently Discovered In #Egypt #pharaohs اغرب 15 قصة حدثت للفراعنة youtu.be/xwI7Sk0s2W8

@cnnbrk FDA outlawed good-tasting ciggarettes that don't turn a person's stomach, but every natural product and even marijuana food can have labels THIS PRODUCT WAS NOT EVALUATED BY FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION? I like freedom of choice but at least evaluate them. Is that not their job?

@cnnbrk Russian 12 day filmed in orbit space trip Land safety back to earth Kazakhstan From iss & to under go 10 days rehabilitation shooting stars space 360.BRK