Cancer mortality rates have been dropping for nearly two decades, aided by "major progress" in the early detection and treatment options for lung cancer, the American Cancer Society says

@cnnbrk I’d like a cure for heart attacks in my lifetime that does not involve a person requiring an epic change in dietary choices… I’m throwing hundreds of dollars a year at that. Perhaps that can happen. My worst fear is a heart attack but I won’t stop eating bad foods

@cnnbrk My father is about to die from Mesothelioma. Early detection is key, but let's not BS anybody about treatments. These chemicals extend life by only a few months and the patients' quality of life is horrific while taking them. Nothing more than MEGA money scams.

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@cnnbrk You Americans are all cruel. You have frozen our money and we will give you an account one day. God willing, this is also our brave army.

@cnnbrk US Citizens Cancer rates have dropped because of research by Scientists and Medical Professionals. The only way World will "slay" Covid-19 is by getting help from Scientists and Medical Professionals not USA Senators asking Dr. Fauci personal questions to embarrass him!!!

@cnnbrk ❗️ Americans - Inflation is taxation 📈Gasoline is UP 49.6% 📈Used Cars are UP 37.3% 📈Gas Utilities are UP 24.1% 📈Meats/Fish/Eggs are UP 12.5% 📈Food at home is UP 6.5% 📈Electricity is UP 6.3% 📈Food away from home is UP 6.0% 📈Transportation is UP 4.2% 📈Shelter is UP 4.1%