Cancer mortality rates have been dropping for nearly two decades, aided by "major progress" in the early detection and treatment options for lung cancer, the American Cancer Society says

@cnnbrk Cancer will be defeated sooner than later. I am very confident folks.

@cnnbrk You mean science...... science helps keep people alive???????

@Christo54184362 @cnnbrk There are plenty of people who don’t smoke and still get cancer. Just saying.

@JLottor @cnnbrk There’s already a lung cancer vaccine in Cuba. And we have an HPV vaccine that prevents cervical cancers

@wellbyethen @cnnbrk What else, do you think? Prayers... 🙄

@cnnbrk Also, smoking is way down from the 1970s to the 2000s

@cnnbrk Doesn't help a lot of cancer treatments been put on hold because of covid

@cnnbrk It would be nice if there were a cure but alas drug companies are making way too much on just medication to keep it at bay