Another key inflation measure hits a record high as pandemic price hikes are just not easing up for Americans.

@cnnbrk Say one thing on one day and the next day a different thing!! Who and what are we to believe?

@cnnbrk Why don’t you talk about companies making record profits?

@TheRealSkorcz @cnnbrk Inflation has nothing to do with the President and is an international issue not just the US

@cnnbrk Why are you Not reporting inflation is around the globe?

@cnnbrk The price hikes are more greed than inflation driven.

@PtsttrReed @cnnbrk And Blackstone buying real estate ALL OVER America and turning us into a modern feudal society, inflating prices in the HOUSING MARKETS which is the REAL cause of inflation. NOT social programs like they lie to us about.

@cnnbrk Blackstone, alone, is turning us into a modern feudal society. And once property is all corporate owned wages become irrelevant as they will just raise rent with wages. And consumer prices will rise with lease increases. It will be the end of a free market and free America.

@AngelDahler @cnnbrk True. Let’s report everything around the globe. Human rights. Hate crimes. Poverty Socialism Communism. And after alllll of that reporting, let’s think about what life is like in America and where the us is going. That’s why they don’t report on anything globally.

@cnnbrk Corporations are making record profits. Has it occurred to anyone that they’re raising prices because they can???