President Biden plans to order 500 million more Covid-19 tests to meet demand. Follow live updates as he speaks on Omicron response efforts.

@cnnbrk This dude is the #1 cause of this age’s inflation.. Literally!

@cnnbrk Mail them to every household that wants one. If I have a fever I have to stand in line to get tested and risk spreading/catching covid cuz I cant drive all over town looking for tests. I cant stay home either because my job requires a test to not get in terrible for missing work.

@cnnbrk I am all for the government funding programs to mitigate and navigate through this virus pandemic. But where is the oversight? Why are the schools generally unprepared, after receiving funding, to prepare their facilities? Why don’t they have tests?Where did the money go??

@pjd93920 @cnnbrk The only real way for schools to keep kids safe is to space the kids out, with fewer students per room. Which would mean building brand new buildings just for Covid at great cost that would sit empty when the pandemic ends.

@groeblbubble @cnnbrk That means you’ll get 2 tests. Tops. In 3 weeks. Minimum.

@cnnbrk Why? The real test is $175 . The fast food version is not accurate and the 72 hr one is too expensive

@omegaxelite @cnnbrk A couple of months ago would have been good

@cnnbrk If you have mild symptoms why are you even testing . That’s the problem