President Biden says free high-quality face masks will be made available to all Americans, with more details to come next week.

@cnnbrk Where was this 6 months ago? Oh yeah, you told everyone they can remove their masks

@cnnbrk Yeah, but are Americans going to have to wait in line for two hours to obtain one!? Just like testing…and getting at home tests? Why can’t the Post Office deliver these items to homes? The Post Office is a federal agency.

@cnnbrk I need them NOW. If you provide me a site to purchase I wont ask for free

@cnnbrk I can't believe it took 2 years for the US government to do this.

@Bighead365 @cnnbrk They can only provide guidance based on information available at the time. Sometimes things change. You’ve NEVER had to change any of your plans in life due to circumstances at the time? 🙄

@cnnbrk wow that’s so crazy next he should cancel student debt so we can have the successful future we’re ruining our lives to obtain <3

@thmsnt @cnnbrk It also took them 2 years to admit maybe people should be less fat and unhealthy as they might do worse with covid… A lot of change could have happened over the past 2 years!

@ghostgallows @cnnbrk Or you can pay them yourself. You are the one that agreed to take out those loans. You are the one who agreed to go to school and pay them whatever they asked. You wasn't forced. If you're poor, you shouldn't have went to school. End of story.