Britain's Prince Andrew is stripped of all his military titles as he faces a civil sex assault trial in the US.

@cnnbrk Hahahahahah I mean it doesn’t mean anything but still

@cnnbrk What the hell happened to INNOCENT until proven guilty??

@NinaGottschalk2 @cnnbrk You do know that the Queen is his mother Buckingham Palace is not a court of law, right?

@cnnbrk Considering that they stripped Prince Harry of his titles for simply marrying a black woman and quitting the firm, this seems long overdue.

@onenotoriginal @cnnbrk Para nosotros no, para EL y su familia si, una vergüenza seguramente. Es un buen principio …

@kj_ashby @cnnbrk I doubt it had anything to do with her being black more or less some of her life choice

@cnnbrk What the title should say is the Queen was pressured by a petition to strip Prince Andrew of military titles. This is not something she willfully did. Ffs, she’s been protecting him behind the scenes for years!