The Supreme Court blocked President Joe Biden's vaccine or testing requirement aimed at large businesses, but it allowed a vaccine mandate for certain health care workers to go into effect nationwide.

@cnnbrk Most large companies are in the business to make money. To provide a safe environment for customers and employees they will require vaccines and/or testing. It's called acting responsibly.

@cnnbrk 1800+ unvaxxed died today.....Let them kill each other off....I dont care......Let's GO, Darwin!

@cnnbrk That’s what is wrong with the supreme courts. It is all about laws and justice. Not about common sense and public health. Freedom of choice does not always equate to the best interests of a community or nation. We need to get away from the “Me” society and get back to “Us”.

@cnnbrk Hospitals are not big business? What LEGAL distinction is there? Since when does the Supreme Court make decisions the CDC should be making? But you give us the freedom to have our ass shot off by right wing gun nuts in a mall. #COVID19 #Omicron @POTUS Oath Keepers Beck