The Supreme Court blocked President Joe Biden's vaccine or testing requirement aimed at large businesses, but it allowed a vaccine mandate for certain health care workers to go into effect nationwide.

@cnnbrk Means nothing private businesses can mandate it anyway.

@cnnbrk Then it should be required if employees test positive for covid they can’t go back to work until they can prove a negative test.

@smithsheila561 @cnnbrk you can still test postive up to 2 months after you aren’t contagious anymore, per the CDC, so this wouldn’t solve anything

@cnnbrk The majority opinion was unsigned. That's because none of them want blood on their hands.

@cnnbrk This is why we’re not getting out of this pandemic as quickly as we could. I’m in the military and although I’m proud to serve but we’re vaccinated 90% and now we are having to backfill organizations that haven’t had the same mitigation standards.

@cnnbrk My employment status in a private sector business is due to terminate end of month…can someone kindly advise what this means now? I’m worried, after 16 yrs of working for said company & now to be told my only source of income is to end abruptly has me stress

@Shuna34814011 @cnnbrk Having the vaccine(s) does nothing to stop the spread. We will all eventually get it anyway so why mandate? People are entitled to their own healthcare choices, just like it was in 2018.

@DahianaCR03 @cnnbrk Private business can make their own choice of whether to require you to be vaccinated or not. Nothing changes with that