Two of the biggest retail pharmacies in the U.S. are temporarily closing some stores and pharmacies on the weekends as the latest surge in Covid-19 causes staff shortages.

@cnnbrk dang sounds like they should pay more and offer benefits to attract more employees

@camsteh @cnnbrk That’s not really it, it’s just people don’t want to risk their lives getting covid to work.

@cnnbrk Seems to me not getting vaccinated and not making is working against us

@cnnbrk You can't go unmasked & unvaxxed spreading Omicron everywhere then complain about shortages of things that require a healthy workforce to make and deliver.

@DJDROC @cnnbrk But you can go masked and jabbed and spread it and that's ok I guess? That makes sense....

@cnnbrk So, they force crowds to form at the few open pharmacies to spread sickness faster. Sounds like 2 pharmacies that need to close all their stores. I am changing pharmacies now for sure because they do not have their customers' health and safety in nind.

@MiluRose @cnnbrk What are you talking about? There are about 330 million people here and over 207 million are vaccinated and over 532 million doses have been given so NO ITS NOT BECAUSE THE UNVACCINATED..ITS BECAUSE OF THE VACCINATED..THE ONLY THING THAT HAS CHANGED SINCE LAST YR IS THE VAX..FACT

@_adam20203 @cnnbrk All of them are like this, really treat civilians well seems to have not appeared