Two of the biggest retail pharmacies in the U.S. are temporarily closing some stores and pharmacies on the weekends as the latest surge in Covid-19 causes staff shortages.

@cnnbrk Walgreens near me did this about two months ago. Super frustrating. They are one of the few local places doing vaccines. Seems counter productive.

@cnnbrk So, they force crowds to form at the few open pharmacies to spread sickness faster. Sounds like 2 pharmacies that need to close all their stores. I am changing pharmacies now for sure because they do not have their customers' health and safety in nind.

@cnnbrk It shows that people don’t won’t to get the Vaccine, but on the other hand they deal with people that want to get help to stay in good health. Only going a Heath provider/ Pharmacy/ mean Safe and it’s really not. If you deal with the Health industry, you need to be vaccinated!

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@cnnbrk It is hard to think that such organizations would NOT make getting the shots a condition of employment. Not very smart Management in these organizations.